When a friend updates their Atomic Contact,
their contact information will automatically update in your phone.

Tired of these?

Let’s do this instead.

You’ve got better things to do than update other people’s contacts.

Create your Atomic Contact now

It’s free!

Why it’s a better way.

Always know the right way to get in touch.

Have your contacts’ correct info, and only their correct info. As if you were OCD organized, but without the effort.

Control how people reach you.

Atomic Contacts gives you the power to edit your contact information in other people’s address books.

Get all those details you never have.

Since your friends fill out their own info, you’ll have their mailing addresses, secondary phone lines, etc. Hopefully, some day, we’ll be able to stop emailing each other every time someone needs to send invitations or greeting cards.

It’s private.

No one can see your contact details without your permission. Period.

Never lose another contact.

If you get a new phone or tablet, simply install the app and it will fill your address book in a matter of minutes. No messing around with SIM cards, cords or the IT department.

No more manual data entry.

Save yourself and your friends a lot of time and energy. Life’s too short for us all to be redundantly typing each other’s contact information all the time.

Accessible from anywhere.

Your address book can be synced to any device, exported to a spreadsheet, and is always available on the web.

Managing 44,763 contacts for 7,545 people.

Set up my Atomic Contact. You're welcome! via FINALLY a solution that makes so much sense.
7 Dec
Everyday we find something new we could not have imagined yesterday and is now indispensable to us!
26 Jan
Atomic Contacts launches!! Say goodbye to having to manage all of your contacts Congrats !!
26 Jan

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